While Wall St. didn’t seem overly impressed, Apple released another stellar earnings report last week. Building on strong iPhone sales, Apple posted revenue of $ 51.5 billion and quarterly profit of $ 11.1 billion. As Tim Cook noted, “fiscal 2015 was Apple’s most successful year.”

At the end of Apple’s October quarter, the company found itself sitting on a treasury of treasury worth $ 206 billion, a figure higher than the GDP of many countries. With $ 206 billion, Apple could theoretically afford to give every person in the United States (assuming a population of 318.8 million) $ 646, the cost of a brand new iPhone.

Even more interesting, Apple has enough money to buy every team from every major sports league in the world. Here’s how the calculations all break down.

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To get started, let’s start with the Big Four Sports Leagues in the United States. Starting with football, the 32 NFL teams are worth around $ 37.2 billion. Meanwhile, the 29 NBA teams are worth a total of around $ 32 billion. Surprisingly enough, the 30 teams that make up Major League Baseball are worth around $ 36 billion. And to bring up the rear, the value of all teams in the NHL stands at $ 14.7 billion.

Together, Apple would clearly have more than enough money to buy each soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey team, a purchase that would cost them $ 119 billion.

Even if we throw football into the mix, snatching even more teams is not up to Apple’s bank account. Apple could quickly acquire all 20 Major League Soccer (MLS) teams for $ 3.14 billion and still have more than enough money to buy the top 20 international soccer teams in the world, including heavyweights like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester United. In total, acquiring the top 20 football teams in the world would cost around $ 23.2 billion.

Adding it all up, Apple has enough cash to buy all the major sports teams in the world and still has $ 59.7 billion in cash to play.

While the values ​​of every football team in all of the top leagues are not publicly available, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that Apple could easily buy. each team in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL with each team La Liga, English Premier League and Bundesliga.