Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, or just at the last minute, our The dragon’s lair The Holiday Gift Guide has you covered.

In this first installment, we have some suggestions for the sports enthusiast in your life!

1. Ball cap liner

Adam Pauzé and Cliff Floyd brave the den with their protective baseball cap liner.

What is that?
Offer security this year. Former Major League Baseball player Cliff Floyd and his stepfather Adam Pauzé returned to the lair in Season 10 with a cap liner to protect players’ heads. The Ball Cap Liner is a protective headband that fits discreetly under a hat and distributes the force of a blunt impact, like a ball thrown to the head.

Price: 40 $

Where can we buy it?
You can order a bullet hood liner from their website. Shipping is free in Canada and the United States for a limited time.

2. Fish hunter

Michael Smith and Chester Yeum from Toronto, ON, present their fish finder app to the Dragons.

What is that?
Buying for a fish hunter in your life? FishHunter will help them catch more fish with a small device that floats in the water and connects to their smartphone app!

Price: $ 150

Where can we buy it?
You can buy directly from their site.

3. RackDri sports bag

Watch the RackDri pitch – there is a Christmas miracle!

What is that?
Ideal for kids who come and go to the rink all winter long, the RackDri is more than just a hockey bag. It has a pull-out rack and a dryer, perfect for ventilating wet equipment. And if you need to take a breather, the bag is designed to allow you to lean into it when you sit down.

Price: $ 120-130

Where can we buy it?
You can buy it from retailers like Canadian Tire.

4. Oneiric Hockey Base Layer Pants

Two sports innovators present their simple protective hockey underwear.

What is that?
Anyone who has played hockey (or has a kid in hockey) knows that dressing in all the necessary protective gear is no fun. In Season 11, Oneiric Hockey was featured in the “Why Haven’t I Thought Of This?” special with their innovative protective base layer pants for younger hockey players to get dressed faster, and includes additional safety features that regular pants lack.

Price: From around $ 90.

Where can we buy it?
Oneiric sells direct online or at select stores in Alberta and Ontario.

5. Rollergard

Check out this roller skate and skates in the den!

What is that?
Both roller skates and skate guards, the Rollergard is the perfect solution if you are shopping for someone who plans to skate this winter.

Price: $ 60

Where can we buy it?
You can buy Rollergard in their online store or find a store that sells it near you!