Red foxes head to town to take on Columbia

By Ricardo Martinez
HVSR Special

The wait is finally over as Saturday will be the first time since 2019 that the Marist College football team will play a regular season game and also travel to Manhattan to face the Columbia Lions in their first game of the season.

It would have been the second game of the season for Marist as they went to play Georgetown on September 3, but the game was called off due to a COVID-19 hiatus at the Georgetown campus.

Marist / Sports News deputy director of sports, Michael Ferraro, has been told that “it has affected their pre-season preparations and conditioning.”

This further extended the team’s wait as in the spring of this year, the Red Fox season was canceled due to a COVID-19 outbreak on campus.

When asked how his team had been affected by the cancellation of the Georgetown game and how they handled it, head coach Jim Parady said: “I thought they would be very disappointed by this. We went out and had two really good workouts, added another scrum on Saturday and had a few looks from young guys, and I think it was productive work for us.

Marist captain and senior fifth-year quarterback Austin Day believes the cancellation of the game only bolstered the team’s confidence

“I think since this cancellation we are even more ready to go,” he said. “It definitely started an even bigger fire under our buttocks; It’s been 666 days since we last played a game. This week [against Columbia] going to be crazy; it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Marist didn’t beat Columbia as it’s 0-4 to the Lions, the most recent result being a 34-24 loss in 2018.

“Because it’s been so long since we’ve played, this one is really about us and our execution,” Parady said. “So we’re looking to have a game as clean as possible, which means trying to really keep penalties to a minimum, to keep turnovers to a minimum.”

On top of that, their preparation included playing music while training to simulate crowd noise that could play a part in Saturday’s game – although Fay believes the crowd noise does. will not affect because he knows he is mentally and physically prepared.

“We’re a bit used to it. It’s been a while so the first practice, the first series, we have to get used to it a bit, ”he said. “But before the game, we’re not really worried about that.”

Overall, Day expects the team to have a lot of wins and to be a competitive team. He also understands that those first two non-conference games – Columbia and Bryant University – will go a long way in showing what this team is capable of.